Your #1 bathtub, sink and tile refinisher in the Greater Toronto Area also does cut-out tubs for safer access!

Refinished Tub by Dr Tubs Reglazing Toronto

Before an accident occurs, before you spend thousands of dollars, consider a much more affordable approach. Contact Bathaccess, a division of Dr. Tubs Bathtub Reglazing. Located in Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Tubs Bathtub Reglazing has been refinishing bathrooms and bringing tubs, sinks and tiles back to a shine all over the Greater Toronto Area! Now they add to your life (yes the potential to increase your longevity) with even greater value by installing safe and economic walk in tub options to insure you are safe in the most dangerous room in your house.

Our professionally trained technicians will transform the look of your bathtub, sink or tiles. In just a few hours a new safe and accessible walk in tub can be installed as well. Refinishing the tub you have saves you money as it costs a fraction of replacing a tub and renovating the space. The work is complete in hours, saving you days, even weeks of renovation mess, dust and chaos. There is no need to rip out a good tub and waste time tiling when you can have it resurfaced. Dr. Tubs’ reglazers returns the shine to tired tub and tiles. At the same time, have a cut out tub installed. Low step bath conversions are the solution to the fear of worrying about your loved ones getting in and out of your tubs on their own.

Remember, don’t replace it – reglaze it!

Don’t agonize over safety – install a cut out!

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