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How long does it take to reglaze a bathtub? When can it be used?

It usually takes between 2 to 4 hours to refinish a tub, depending on its type, size, condition and if it has been previously refinished. If the bathtub has been refinished before, it would need to be stripped (the old paint removed) before it’s reglazed and this may increase the time significantly. However, the tub will be done in less than a day and be ready to be used 24 hours later.

Is there an odour when reglazing a bathtub?

Most of the chemicals and paints that we use to reglaze bathtubs contain solvents that give off a paint-like odour. These solvents are very important as they help make the glaze set and dry properly, while leaving the bathtub with a glossy shine.

Dr. Tub’s reglazers use industrial ventilation systems to divert the fumes from your bathroom to the outside. We suggest that you keep the bathroom window and door closed for the first 24 hours to ensure no pollen or dust enter the bathroom, land on the tub, and affect the final feel and look. Dr. Tubs recommends that you open other windows outside the bathroom on the same floor to air-out the area. Any fumes will dissipate within time. After 24 hours, you can open up the bathroom door and window to air out the bathroom. In addition, children, pregnant women, anyone with asthma or sensitivities and pets should not be present during the reglazing process, or at the very least, not on the same floor.

Reglaze Claw Foot Tubs, Bathtub Liners & Caulk | FAQ
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Reglaze Claw Foot Tubs, Bathtub Liners & Caulk | FAQ
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